The Sahrawi authorities salute Australia for its position

The representative of the Polisario Front to Australia and New Zealand, Mr. Fadel Kamal, confirmed in an exclusive statement to the “Portal Diplomatico” that the Sahrawi authorities value the recent Australian position in support of the right of the people of Western-Sahara to self-determination.

The Sahrawi diplomat also stressed that “Australia’s clear and supportive position concerning the organization of referendum is a clear message to the Moroccan regime that it is inevitable to comply with international law and the multiple United Nations resolutions calling for the decolonization of Western Sahara.”

“The Sahrawi authorities seized this occasion to express to the Australian government and people its full gratitude and its willingness to move forward linking strong and deep friendship and cooperation relations for the interest of the both countries.”

Mr. Fadel Kamal highlighted that “this position shows the level of the international support and solidarity with Western Sahara issue, that proves in fact the justice of the Sahrawi cause and the oppressed people who have been displaced by force from his land.”

The representative of the Polisario Front concluded by saying that “Rabat regime have to be aware that it has failed to exterminate the Sahrawi people and there are any method and obstacles that can discourage the Sahrawi people from extracting their legitimate rights. No matter how long time it will take, Right and justice always win”.

To remember, Australia recently expressed its full support to the question of Western Sahara and encouraged the necessity of organizing a referendum in which the Sahrawi people could freely decide his own destiny, in accordance with the Resolution 65/119 of the United Nations General Assembly.

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