President of Algeria: the issue of Western Sahara cannot be resolved by imposing the fait accompli policy

The Algerian President Mr. Abdel Majid Tebboune emphasized, in his speech at the Summit of the African Peace and Security Council, that “the Western Sahara issue cannot be resolved by imposing the fait accompli policy and attempts to legitimize the Moroccan occupation in the territories of a member State of our continental organization.”

The President of Algeria highlighted that “he desperate and repeated attempts to establish and legitimize the Moroccan occupation in Western Sahara, a founding member State of the African organization. He said also that denying the Sahrawi reality and the legitimate aspirations of the people of Western Sahara will deeply contribute to prolonging the conflict.”

Mr. Tebboune considered that, taking in account the “dangerous developments, the continental organization that had a historical role in preparing and adopting the UN settlement plan cannot remain silent and absent. ” The file of the Sahrawi cause was decommissioned in the African Union under the pretext that it is registered in the agenda of the United Nations. All the issues that our organization deals with are registered at the same time in the United Nations, on top of which is the Libyan issue”.

Moreover, he called on “the necessity of activating the role of the Peace and Security Council in accordance with its founding protocol and working to find a just and lasting solution to the Western Sahara issue in accordance with the relevant resolutions of the African Union and the United Nations.”

The President of Algeria pointed out that “the failure to pay attention to the tragedy of the Sahrawi people, who is fed up with the delays in organizing the referendum agreed since 30 years ago, which had a great impact on the aggravation of the situation.”

The Algerian head of State, also, pointed out that “those who were born as Sahrawi refugees on the territory of the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria, and they have nearly 40 years old, even though they are considered as brothers and they welcome in our country, will never accept to die as refugees”.

Finally, Mr. Tebboune concluded by inviting Morocco and the SADR, both members of the African Union, to enter into direct negotiations, in order to reach a solution that would guarantee the Sahrawi people’s right to self-determination and independence.

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