France obstructs the appointment of a new UN envoy to Western Sahara

Professor of Political Science and International Relations at the University of Algiers, Mr. Ismail Dabash, confirmed, during his interview at the Algerian channel Al-Nahar, that “France is the one who is obstructing the appointment of a new UN envoy to Western Sahara, to oversee negotiations between the conflict parties ; Morocco and the Polisario.”

In the same context, Professor Ismail Dabash called upon France to “ review its foreign policy, especially regarding the issue of decolonization of Western Sahara,” noting that what is happening is “a very dangerous matter.”

Moreover, the Political Analyst highighted the important role that should play The African Union countries. According to him, they “ have to use their economic relations with France, to make a pressure and oblige it to fulfill its obligations.

“Every April they approve that a referendum should be organized for self-determination in Western Sahara, but in reality there is any concretization “, added Mr. Dabash .

To conclude, The Political Science Professor and Analyst indicated that “if France continues this policy, it will lose not only Algeria, but all African countries,” stressing that “there are countries ready to cooperate with Algeria in the field of solving regional crises better than France.”

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