The International Scholar Institute: Trump’s deal with Morocco is an opportunity for Biden

The “International Scholar” institute, specialized in International Politics, affirmed that “the former President Donald Trump’s deal with Morocco is an opportunity for President Joe Biden to demonstrate his administration’s commitment to respecting Human Rights and the Right of Peoples to self-determination.”

In an analytical article translated by the Research and Studies Department of the Portal Diplomatics, the American Institute considered that “Trump’s recognition of – alleged – Moroccan sovereignty over Western Sahara in exchange for Morocco’s recognition of Israel is an unnecessary US concession, but it may constitute an opportunity for the Biden administration.

The well-known institute pointed out that “the new American position not only contradicts the position confirmed by the United Nations – in which it called for a referendum on the situation in the region-, but also threatens Washington’s credibility as a defender of the principle of self-determination and the legalization of illegal foreign occupation.”

As “the position of the United Nations on Western Sahara has not changed after Trump’s declaration on Western Sahara, which contradicts international law and United Nations resolutions.”

The International Institute considered that “the most surprising thing is that Trump’s decision was unnecessary to achieve normalization in relations between Morocco and Israel, which would have happened without this because Israel has already managed to normalize relations with Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Sudan, in 2020. In addition to its already stable relations with Egypt and Jordan” .

The institute concluded that “if President Biden wants to commit effectively to promoting a foreign policy focused on human rights, then Western Sahara represents the first appropriate arena for advocating this commitment.”

For reference, the institute covered various historical and legal aspects of the conflict, stressing that “since 1975, when Morocco began its occupation of Western Sahara, the Sahrawi people demanded the establishment of an independent Sahrawi State in Western Sahara, calling for the application of the principle of self-determination. Although Morocco claimed sovereignty over the region on the basis of its historical ties, its territorial claims do not have any legal basis, according to the opinion of the International Court of Justice of 1974. Before the Spanish colonization, the Sahrawi people were politically independent.

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