The fall of Sarkozy, the godfather of the Moroccan lobby in France

The Criminal Court of Paris condemned, yesterday, the former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, for three years of prison, for corruption and abuse of influence, in the affair of wiretapping.

The French National Financial Prosecutor’s office had demanded a four-year prison term for Sarkozy, considering that the reputation of the French presidency had been impacted by this case.

The details of this case date back to 2014, when Sarkozy in coordination with lawyer Thierry Herzog, tried to obtain from the Supreme Investigative Judge Gilbert Seibert, secret information related to legal procedures and the details of the investigation of corruption.

Sarkozy, considered as the ally of the Moroccan regime and its biggest supporter, is facing other charges of corruption and the financing of his election campaign by the Libyan president, who was assassinated, Muammar Kaddafi.

The fall of the godfather of the Moroccan lobby in France raises questions about the filthy role of the Moroccan regime in France, with the help of political and media figures, to distort the struggle of the Sahrawi people, cover up their crimes and serious violations of Human Rights in Western Sahara and the continuing illegal plunder of natural resources.

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