The Algerian minister of Justice: Algeria is close to one of the biggest producers of Cannabis in the world

The Algerian Minister of Justice, Mr Belkacem Zeghmati, revealed, during his participation in the 14th United Nations Conference on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice held in Tokyo (Japan), that Algeria is close to one of the largest centers of the production and the export of cannabis in the world, as indicated by the reports of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.”

In his speech, the Algerian Minister referred to “the special situation that Algeria knows by virtue of its geographical location and its influence with the security, political and economic conditions that are known in its surroundings, which constitute an appropriate environment for the spread of illegal migration, smuggling and kidnapping in exchange for ransom demands.”

Moreover, Mr  Zeghmati revealed that Algeria has submitted its candidacy to chair the committee dedicated to drafting a comprehensive international agreement to combat the use of information and communication technology for criminal purposes in accordance with the UN General Assembly resolution.

In the same context, the Minister of Communication, the official spokesman for the Algerian government, Mr Ammar Belhimer, confirmed that the Moroccan regime had recruited hundreds of agents in the virtual world to attack Algeria in a systematic manner, and Algeria knew very well the sources of these attacks.

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