Echoroukonline: Will David Schenker Fix What Trump’s Recklessness Spoiled?


The US administration scheduled the visit of the Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs, David Schenker, to Algeria, which is the second visit by a high-ranking US official in three months.

The US State Department clarified that the visit comes as part of Schenker’s trip, which includes both the Kingdom of Jordan and the Kingdom of Morocco, from January 3 to 12, aiming to discuss economic and security cooperation with government leaders, including Algerian authorities.

The ministry stated on Twitter that Schenker will, during his trip, “underscore the United States’ deep commitment to fostering economic prosperity, peace and stability in the Middle East and North Africa”.

The upcoming visit of the US Assistant Secretary to Algeria within this week intersects with the visit of his country’s Secretary of Defence on last October, in that US officials landed in Algeria before they moved directly to Rabat, which suggests that there is a file that means the two countries and with them the United States.

Mark Esper’s visit to Morocco paid off two months later, with the normalization of the Makhzen regime with the Zionist entity, followed by a short tweet through in which the outgoing US President Donald Trump recognized the alleged sovereignty of Morocco over the occupied Western Sahara lands.

As for the Algerian side, the visit of Esper did not bear any indulgence in its strict stance on normalization, and this was evident through the official, popular and partisan positions, which agreed to describe what the Makhzen regime did, as an unjustified betrayal of the cause and the Palestinian people, just as was the case with the first Arab countries that normalized with the Zionists, represented in the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. Algerians remember the famous phrase of President Abdelmadjid Tebboune, in which he said that “Algeria does not bless normalization and refuses to rush to it”.

On the other hand, Trump’s “tweet”, who “gave what he doesn’t have to those who are not worthy”, caused anger in Algeria, which greatly affected the warmth of Algerian-American relationships, which did not need a reckless attitude like that of the White House inmate.

It is known that the Algerian-American relationships, although they affect many areas but the security dimension dominates its agenda, and during the recent visit of the US Secretary of Defence, which was the first since 2006, Mark Esper spoke about the revival of what he described as “the alliance between two countries linked by common strategic interests in countering jihadists in the Sahel region and the conflict in Libya”.

Mark Esper’s statement means that Algeria is a strategic partner for Washington in the security field, and there is no doubt that this partnership has been damaged by Trump’s ill-considered “tweet” on Western Sahara, and this is evident through the statement of the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which confirmed that this tweet has no legal effect on reality, because it is inconsistent with United Nations regulations. This response in and of itself means the entry of Algerian-American relationships into a crisis, albeit they are still silent.

The US administration is planning beyond the nose of the outgoing president and it seems that it has realized the size of the dilemma in which Trump’s decision regarding the Western Sahara issue has placed, and the impact of this on its strategic relationships with Algeria, which considers the Western Sahara issue an extension of its national security, according to what was said by a senior official in the Algerian state.

From the above, it can be said that the US Assistant Secretary of State will negotiate with Algerian officials, as a delegate from the deep state in America to fix what was spoiled by Trump’s recklessness, and not as a representative of the president, who has only two weeks left in the White House, leaving crises and pitfalls intentionally and persistently for the new president, Joe Biden.

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